October 1


GIVEAWAY! Create a photo montage on a tour of San Jose of your favorite landmarks. Be creative on how you move around town by foot, bike or light rail.


GIVEAWAY! One lucky person who responds to this creative action will win some sweet #WeCreate408 swag! Be sure to tag @SJCulture #WeCreate408 @SCVTA and @WeArtSanJose in your post. 

#WeArtSanJose #PhotoEssay #Landmarks

Title says Landmarks WeCreate408 with the WeCreate408 2022 logo. Photo of San Pedro Square market, public art sculpture and San Jose State university.

October 2


Does your ride have style? Show off your flair.


Come down to the #WeCreate408 and Lowrider Show n' Shine exhibition at 20 Barack Obama Plaza across from the SAP Center from 6-9 pm Saturday the 8th. Take the @svta to the show! Visit the @Localcolorsj and @tijuanarickart art + experiences. See more details at 408Art.com

#Lowrider #STEAMconEstilo #WeCreate408

Orange background, low rider truck with cut out illustrator girls, palm tree and man with sunglasses and hat next to car. Says WeCreate408 Creativity Every Day

October 3


What is a 'brilliant thing,'? Anything that bring you joy! The little things in life that make you smile. Imagine -- and share -- a brilliant thing that pairs with each of the 5 senses. For example…

🔸Taste: eating dark chocolate chips with a spoonful of peanut butter at midnight

🔸Smell: the salty sea on a summer's day

🔸Sight: gazing at the stars at night

🔸Touch: kneading bread dough by hand

🔸Sound: listening to horns play jazz 


Check out the Everything Brilliant Thing by @CityLightsTheater September 15 - October 16 https://cltc.org/event/every-brilliant-thing/

#EveryBrilliantThing #CLTC

Happy Man Holding Ice Cream Cone with Boba Tea in front of Sonic Runway. Says "Brilliant Thing"

October 4


Dance, listen and imagine at the Sonic Runway in downtown San José. Make your own runway reel.


Image credit Sonic Runway is created by Rob Jensen, co-lead Warren Trezevant, and design by Stockhausen

Title Runway: We Create408 with photo of lit up loops in front of a dome building with blurred people and a boba tea icon in front of sonic runway.

October 5


Put life on cruise control. Show how you find ways to take it easy, whether it’s riding transit to your favorite San José venue, discovering new things on a neighborhood stroll, or enjoying the fresh breeze on your face as you roll around town.


tag @scvta #CruiseContral #WeCreate408

Boy feeling the breeze while riding a train. Palm tree and sunset in the corner. Title reads Cruise Control #WeCreate408

October 6


Explore your neighborhood and all of the components that make up a community by going on a footprint scavenger hunt. Do you see animal paws? Children's feet? Imprints in concrete? How are you connected to these? Make a photo album of what you see or share a poem or drawing.

#Scavengerhunt #CitizenScience #AnimalPrints #WeCreate408

Image reads Footprints: WeCreate408 with 2 dogs wearing a San Jose t-shirt apple cart and a palm tree

October 7


GIVEAWAY! Dance with your toddler, dance with your pets, dance with yourself! Post an image or your best dance move.


Explore and discover the New Ballet Season Preview at the San Jose Museum of Art on October 7th. . Dancers will interpret works of art through movement in the galleries, and Artistic Director Dalia Rawson will introduce the works to be presented in the company's upcoming season. Dancers will present excerpts from the works and works-in-progress. Included in the preview will be an introduction of the compositions of Amy Beach, known as the first successful female American composer of large scale works, who often tops lists of "Female Composers You Should Know But Don't" and whose work will inspire a new ballet by Rawson for the 2023 Fast Forward program - an evening of new contemporary ballet. Friday, October 7 and Saturday, October 8/ Also enjoy @sjDANCEco 20th Anniversary Performance at the California Theatre, on October 7 & 8 GIVEAWAY! Respond to the creative prompt for a chance to win day passes to the San Jose Museum of Art.

@sjdanceco @newballet.sanjose @sanjosemuseumofart

Ballet dancers in post and a grandfather and grandaughter dancing together. California poppys in corner. Text reads Family Dance: WeCreate408

October 8


Start in your front yard or the Guadalupe River Park and Gardens a.k.a. "The Front Yard of San Jose", a place where community members can come to relax, learn, and enjoy all that an urban park has to offer. What sort of sights and sounds do you experience from your front yard or from River Park? Creatively share the sounds and sites.


Join the Guadalupe River Park on October 8th for Pumpkins in the Park 10am-4pm.

Also join us for the WeCreate408 Kick Off event 6-8 pm at 20 Barack Obama Plaza with Lowrider Show n' Shine, art with Local Color and more!

#PumpkinsInThePark #ItsYourPark #lovethegrp #WeCreate408

A hummingbird on a stick with a cloud and a palm tree behind it. In the corner is an inked illustration of a lotus flower. The text reads "Humms in Nature: We Create408"

October 9


GIVEAWAY! Turn up the volume and add bass and snare to your ride. Make a reel, upload a video, and tag your beat.


GIVEAWAY! One lucky person who responds to this creative action will win some sweet #WeCreate408 swag! Be sure to tag us and #WeCreate408 in your post.

October 10


GIVEWAY! Imagine a sustainable future world by sharing a story, video, or reel. Incorporate nature, music, and love into your creative action.


Join us and watch the screening of Àyán: Traditional Yoruba Drum Making" Documentary Short with @AWOCenter on October 15th. Check out AWOCenter.org for details.

"Àyán" is a documentary short film that explores the art of traditional drum making in Iseyin, a sleepy town in the outskirts of Ibadan, Oyo State (the cradle of Yoruba civilization in Yoruba land) of Nigeria. The story is told through the lens of a young man, Saheed Ayandiran Ayanponmile, and his dad, Moshood Ayandiran Ayanwale, a family of master drum makers who learned this tradition from their ancestors.

GIVEAWAY! A creative winners who responds to this post and tags AWO Center and SJCulture will receive a $25 Target Gift card or a AWO T-Shirt

Five men from Africa of all ages wearing drums. A lotus flower in the corner. Text reads "Sustainable Future: WeCreate408"

October 11


What’s something surprising or that you're proud of from your family history? Ask someone you know and see if there’s a story you can share.


October is Filipino American History Month. Join Councilmember Carrasco @cm_magdalena for the Filipino American flag raising on the 14th and the Filipino American National Historical Society @fanhs.sv for a Garden at the Flea celebration on the 21st. Celebrate San José Filipino American culture with local arts, music and food!

#fanhs #fanhsnational #fanhsscv #filipinoamericanhistorymonth #fahm2022 #filipinoamerican #Pinoytown @fanhs.scv @cm_magdalena

October 12


Make your own musical instrument using items in the recycle bin and some bells, beans, and string, or any other thing. Snap a pic or video and share your creation, or post lyrics to a song you’d play on it.


RE-PERCUSSIONS Workshop with Creative Ambassador Eric Hayslett

10-13-2022 10:30 - 11:30 am at the Bascom Library

Click for details

Engage the community to Repurpose, Re-engineer, Recycle Random Reusable Containers and turn them into Percussion Instruments.

Recycling is good for the environment, the planet, the state, and the community. Everyone can play a role in cleaning up their community by repurposing something, a carton, or whatever they can imagine to create a percussive instrument.

Pictures of crafting recycle instuments, temborine and recyle sign.

October 13


Ignite your memory with a loved one by sharing a recipe through images, video, or sound. Is the recipe something that has been passed on generation to generation? Share how it connects with your ancestral or cultural background.


Celebrate Día de los Muertos with Macario, a San José tradition from Teatro Visión that’s full of music and dance, spectacle and song! Returning for the first time in three years, Macario is the classic story of a poor woodcutter who dreams of a day without hunger. When his wife makes that dream come true, he is given a healing power that could change his family and his community’s lives forever. Performances are October 13-23 at the Mexican Heritage Plaza. For tickets and information, visit www.teatrovision.org @teatrovision

#macario #teatro #sjteatro #theater #theatre #sjtheater #sjtheatre #chicanotheater #teatrochicano #diadelosmuertos #eastsanjose

October 14


Make a name tag for your plant. Where is it from? What do you love about it? How did it get that name? Share a picture of your plant with its tag.


To learn more about #EcoArt with artist Amy Hibbs join us on today, Fri Oct 14th at the Northside Community Center on 488 N. 6th Street, San Jose

@instahibbs @sjparksandrec

October 15


GIVEAWAY! Share your favorite drawing or quote from someone you admire, whether someone in your family or someone who made history.


GIVEAWAY! One lucky person who responds to this creative action will receive a shoutout at the Cornerstone for the Arts Awards on the 21st. To celebrate arts leaders in San Jose check out https://www.sanjoseca.gov/your-government/departments/office-of-cultural-affairs/cornerstone-of-the-arts.

Also check out todays Dia de San Jose festival @diasanjosefestival

#CornerStoneFortheArts #SanJoseLeaders #SVArts

October 16


What’s your favorite sport, and how does it make you feel good? Share a reel that shows how you feel -- while listening (or even singing along!) with a video chorus of many fans, athletes, and community supporters singing “Feeling Good”—the song made famous by Nina Simone. Check this video as an example.


As part of the ‘Feeling Good’ Project, It’s a New Dawn, It’s a New Day acknowledges the positive influence of sports participation for girls, women and non-binary athletes and advocates for the continuing struggle for equality in sports. —Artist and Wall of Song co-founder Mel Day in collaboration with Dr. Akilah Carter-Francique at https://wallofsongproject.com/.

GIVEAWAY! Wall of Song Title IX @ 50 limited edition prints and affinity partner ‘swag’ will be given away to those completing a call-to-action, while supplies last.

Group of women holding blue and yellow signs that say Feeling Good

October 17


Under the canopy of trees, you can hear a symphonic choir of birds, leaves, insects, and water. These sounds parallel orchestral ensembles that reflect the diversity of music and culture. Record the sounds around you and share.

#NatureMusic #Orchestra #NatureSounds


GIVEAWAY! One lucky person who responds to this creative action will receive a shoutout at the Cornerstone for the Arts Awards on the 21st

Orchestra of musicians wearing red in front of foothills. A lotus flower in front. Text reads: Natures Cathedral: WeCreate408

October 18


Reflect on a time that you experienced or witnessed healing. Create a poem, song, sculpture, collage, or drawing that responds to that memory.


GIVEAWAY! One lucky person who responds to this creative action will win tickets to this weekend's San Jose Barracudas game home opener.

IMAGE: "Tara Mechani," a 15-foot-tall metal figurative sculpture by artist Dana Albany photo by Adrian Le Biavant

October 19


Our pets inspire us every day. Maybe they have a spectacular jump, a special trick, a stunning coat, or a silly face! Maybe they have whiskers for days, a sweet tongue-out grin, adorable little toe beans, tiny little hands, or beautiful scales! Your pet has a unique nature worthy of commemoration! Thus, for this prompt, create an inspirational pet portrait in any material and/or format. You can draw, write, sculpt, photograph, sing—anything to creatively celebrate your cherished companion! Then share your tribute!

#Catpics #Petportraits


GIVEAWAY! Respond to this creative action for a chance to win two passes to The Dancing Cat.

October 20


How have you moved through, under, over, or past something on the way from one place to another? Share stories from your past or create visions for the future.

#Passage #AAPI


October 20 - 22 At the Hammer Theater produced by San Jose State University faculty and students A riveting tale inspired by E.M. Forster’s A Passage to India, PASSAGE is set in the fictional Country X, which is a neocolonial state of Country Y. B, a doctor, and F, veteran teacher, begin to forge a bond that is tested after a fateful trip to a local attraction. An insight into how power imbalances affect personal and interpersonal dynamics across a gamut of situations. See https://hammertheatre.com/calendar/

photo by Adrian Le Biavant

October 21


No FOMO! Spend the evening biking through neighborhoods with making new friends and bringing your family along -- snap a selfie and share it to prove you were there.


and watch the Cornerstone for the Arts Awards on the City of San Jose's Youtube channel.

October 22


Enjoy a public art tour at night! Check out the illuminated architecture under the overpasses, on top of buildings and in hidden places. Take and share some night photos.


GIVEAWAY! One lucky person who responds to this creative action will win some sweet #WeCreate408 swag! Be sure to tag us and #WeCreate408 in your post. Illuminate your night with the #Diwali Festival of lights at the Children's Discovery Museum! Diwali: Festival of Lights, Saturday, October 22, 2022.

Image: Sensing You / Sensing Water by Dan Corson, photo by Adrian Le Biavant

October 23


Explore the city's parks and map your journey there. Share with us: What are the sites you see along the way? What are the smells? Who are you with? How do our parks recharge or energize you? What did you do there?


October 24


Let your ears guide you and move your body to follow the sound. Use your earbuds or attend a live performance and follow along. Where did you go? What did you listen to? Share it!


GIVEAWAY! One lucky person who responds to this creative action will win some sweet #WeCreate408 swag! Be sure to tag us and #WeCreate408 in your post and make sure it is public.

Photo by Adrien Le Biavant

October 25


Focus on each of your senses one at a time. Surround yourself with the strongest of scents, the brightest of colors, the sweetest of sounds, the softest of touches, and the tastiest food. How does this help you focus on being in the moment? How does this make you feel? Share your experience.


GIVEAWAY! One lucky person who responds to this creative action will win some sweet #WeCreate408 swag! Be sure to tag us and #WeCreate408 in your post.

Background Photo by Adrien Le Biavant

October 26


Create a table-top sacred place or altar and share what makes it meaningful to you. What items did you include? Why did you choose them? GIVEAWAY!


Come out for # Diadelosmuertos-themed community day on the 29th at and then join us at the School of Arts and Culture at the Mexican Heritage Plaza for the Avenida De Altares on October 29 from 5:30 - 10:30.

GIVEAWAY! Respond to this post with #WeCreate408 and the creative prompt and take your family for a day at the San Jose Museum of Art.


October 27


The chills aren't just for Halloween. Does someone or something take your breath away? A loved one, a memory, an adventure?



The Third Annual 31 Skulls Live Art Auction is back for another year of unique, hand-painted ceramic skulls created by 31 local artists on Friday, October 28, from 7-10 pm at Local Color “Digital” Underground Studio. Come dressed to impress the dead and ready to bid! Finger food, drinks, a photo booth, music, and more will all be a part of this fast-paced night of thrills.


October 28


Make a reel of your pumpkin carving. What do you do with the insides? Describe the sensation of smells and sounds from the fall's favorite fruit.


GIVEAWAY! One lucky person who responds to this creative action will win some sweet #WeCreate408 swag! Be sure to tag us and #WeCreate408 in your post and make it public.


Today is the @LocalColorSJ 31 Skulls auction.


October 29


Time to share your favorite foods and restaurants. What is your flavor of choice? What are its magical ingredients?

One lucky person who responds to this creative action will win some sweet #WeCreate408 swag! Be sure to tag us and #WeCreate408 in your post.

October 30


What creative activity makes you groove, get into the flow, and lose track of time? Show us! Share it!

photo of Lonnye D Dotson by Adrien Le Biavant

October 31


Feeling bored? More like, feeling cardboard! Dig up some cardboard and turn it into the spookiest house on the block!


Respond to this creative action for a chance to win passes to @TheTechInteractive


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