April 30


Imagine tomorrow. Make a wish for the future and share it whatever form you choose.

Looking for more?

As we imagine a new future, join today’s partner, San Jose Jazz, and composer Oran Etkin on International Jazz Day for the premiere of the San Jose edition of the “Open Arms" project, an international music collaboration. The free performance streams live from the new SJZ Break Room venue on April 30 at 7:30 pm. For more information visit sanjosejazz.org @sanjosejazz  

Text "Future" Image person holding saxophone

April 29

Collective Creation

Create with a friend. Don't let distance stand in the way. Start a drawing, poem, or song and invite your friend to finish by tagging them.

Looking for more?

Learn about other collaborations and join today’s partner, the Natalie and James Thompson Gallery at San Jose State, for an online conversation with the co-founders of People's Kitchen Collective, a food-centered political education project. The webinar begins at 5:30 pm on April 29. Get more information at  sjsu.edu/thompsongallery @sjsuartgalleries 

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April 28

Time Capsule

Send a message through time. Share an object that's a blast from the past or captures the current moment.

Looking for more?

Today's partner, City Lights Theater Company, has captured the current moment by transforming their new play festival, "Lights Up," into a podcast series...for the second year in a row! Listen to episodes at cltc.org/filament or wherever you listen to podcasts @citylightstheater @citylights  

Text "Time Capsule" to actors in period costume

April 27


Where will you take us? Tell a story with a single sentence, image, sound, or movement.

Looking for more?

Learn more about the art of storytelling, join today's partner, Teatro Visión, for the weekly Friday night "La Hora del Mitote" live-streamed conversation series with creative voices from the Bay Area and beyond. teatrovision.org @teatrovision @teatro_vision

Text "Journey" Actors on Stage

April 26

In the Moment

Take a moment to Stop. Listen. Look around. Connect with what you see, hear, or feel right now. Then share it in any way that moves you.

Looking for more?

Being in the moment is a key improvisational theatre technique that strengthens your adaptive abilities. Today's partner, Red Ladder Theatre Company, engages the community's creativity through improvisational theatre as a way to build positive life skills. Learn about their life changing work at redladder.org @redladdertheatrecompany @redladdertheatre @redladderco

Text "In the Moment" Image of kids in play

April 25

Shake It

Shake it up, shake it out. Get the energy going in your fingers and toes. Show us how you shake it!

Looking for more?

See how today's partner, New Ballet, is shaking up ballet. Stream "Fast Forward" the New Ballet's emerging choreographers showcase. Learn more about programs and classes at newballet.com @newballetsanjose @newballet.sanjose

Text "Shake It" Image Dancer lifting another dancer

April 24

Great Outdoors-Catch Up

Get outside and get creative! Pick your favorite prompts from the week and share your response.

Share your response using the hashtag #WeCreate408 on your favorite social media platform.  (You can also email us at wecreate408@sanjoseca.gov if you aren't on social media or if your account is private.)  

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April 23

Park It

Slow down and smell the roses. Visit your favorite park and draw outdoors, take some photos, or wiggle your toes in the grass.

Looking for more ways to get creative?

Maybe you can write a letter? Take your inspiration from today's partner, Silicon Valley Shakespeare, and their online show The “Dear Will” Letters, a lively romantic comedy written by local artist Doll Piccotto, in which some of Shakespeare’s most beloved characters seek relationship advice from the Bard himself. Combining live performances with pre-recorded scenes filmed on location at Sanborn Park, this is a unique entertainment event the whole family will enjoy! Learn more at svshakespeare.org @SVShakes @siliconvalleyshakespeare

Text "Park It" Image Shakespearean Actor

April 22

Earth Day

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. What can you create? Repurpose materials to make something new.

Looking for more ways to get creative?

Check out the video by today's partner, the Children's Discovery Museum, to how to create a dragon out of recycled materials. Learn more at cdm.org/wecreate408/ @childrensdiscoverymuseum #WeCreate408 

Text ""Earth Day" Image child making artwork with scrap materials

April 21

Green Thumb

Are you a proud plant parent? Get inspired today and show off the fruits of your labor. Tag a friend and maybe you'll get a flower in return.

Looking for more?

Let @veggielution inspire your green thumb by taking coffee compost to the garden.  Also, check out the Hella Gardens murals downtown by artists from @localcolor. All brought to you with support from today's partner, the San Jose Downtown Association.  sjdowntown.com  @sjdowntown  

Text "Green Thumb" Image mural of roses

April 20


Put a spring in your step! Dust off the winter blues and take a walk. Share your favorite spring colors as you go.

Looking for more?

Capture the colors of spring at the Heritage Rose Garden with today's partner, the Guadalupe River Park Conservancy. Learn more at grpg.org @grpg @guadaluperiverparkconservancy @GuadalupeConservancy

Test "Spring" Image graphic of flowers in pots

April 19


Express your wild side! Put on your favorite animal print or howl at the moon. Get your animal pals in on the fun and create something wild.

Looking for more?

Check out the wildly creative Bay Area choreographers featured in the virtual Spring Dance Festival by today’s partner, sjDanceCo, from April 19 - 25. For more information visit sjdanceco.org @sjdanceco

Text "Wildlife" Image modern dancer

April 18

Natural Wonder

Let nature inspire you! What unique features do you see in nature that could be applied to inventions for humans? Share your nature inspired creation.

Looking for more ways to get creative?

Download the at-home activity, "Biomimicry Mash-Up," from today's partner, the Tech Interactive. Use a natural organism's special features to design a new human object. Then sketch or design your new biomimicry mash-up! Learn more at thetechathome.org @TheTechInteractive 

Text "Natural Wonder" Image of park with Tech Museum building

April 17

Good Vibes-Catch Up

It’s the weekend and all good vibes! It’s the perfect time to get creative by completing one or more of the prompts from last week.  

Share your response using the hashtag #WeCreate408 on your favorite social media platform.  (You can also email us at wecreate408@sanjoseca.gov if you aren't on social media or if your account is private.)  

Text "Good Vibes Catch Up" Image folklorico dancers

April 16

 Mental Medicine

Creativity activates healing. What practice has been healing for you this year?

Looking for more ways to get creative?

Playing an instrument promotes health and happiness. Learn more about Chinese and Western instruments and browse the free online classes offered by today's partner, Aimusic School, at aimusic.us @aimusic.us

Text "Mental Medicine" Image of person playing ruan instrument

April 15

Looking Good

How do you use fashion and clothing to voice your creative self? How has this changed during shelter-in-place? What item in your wardrobe makes you look and feel good? Tag your favorite sweater or handmade accessory; shout out your favorite designer.

Looking for more ways to get creative?

Make a mini paper wardrobe with today's partner, San José Museum of Quilts and Textiles. (Tiny jackets!? yes, please.) Find instructions for this and other fun at-home textile projects at sjquiltmuseum.org/makerspace @sjmqt 

Text "Looking Good" Image graphic of ball of yarn

April 14

Tune Up

Whistle while you work, sing in the shower. What song makes you smile? Sing it, draw it, share it. Tag your friends and make them happy too.

Looking for more?

Really like to belt it out? Stream "Love & Secrets: A Domestic Trilogy," the latest virtual performance by today's partner, Opera San José, and join them for the VIP Cast Party on April 15. operasj.org @operasanjose

Text "Tune Up" Image person singing

April 13

Happy Dance

Got that wiggle you can't contain? Time to bust a move! Show us your happy dance.

Looking for more ways to get creative?

Today's partner, Chinese Performing Arts of America (CPAA), invites you to dance with them. Learn more at cpaasv.org @cpaasv 

Text "Happy Dance" Image dancers leaping

April 12

Comfort Food

What's the food that warms your heart when you need some cheer or just want to celebrate? Share how you get creative in the kitchen!

Looking for more ways to get creative?

Join today's partner, Chopsticks Alley Art, every Wednesday for 15-minute lunchtime meditation and vegetarian recipes to comfort the mind and body. Chopsticksalleyart.org @chopsticksalleyart  

April 11


Share your joy! What symbolizes joy to you?

Looking for more?

Experience the joy and healing energy of music with today's partner Lifeforce Jazz at lifeforcejazz.com @LifeForceJazz  

Text "Joy" Image person playing saxophone

April 10

Celebrate 408-Catch Up

Miss a day or few? Don't worry! Everyday is a great day to celebrate 408. Pick your favorite prompt from the week and share your response.

Share your response using the hashtag #WeCreate408 on your favorite social media platform.  (You can also email us at wecreate408@sanjoseca.gov if you aren't on social media or if your account is private.)  

Looking for more?

Celebrate 408 by signing up for a free subscription to Eastside Magazine for stories highlighting the rich legacy and cultural vibrancy of East San José. Learn more at kooltura.com/magazine-landing @koolturamarketing @eastsidemag

Text "Celebrate 408 Catch Up" Image child playing with toy airplane and shadow

April 9

Picture This

Share a picture of or vision for San José --from the past, present, or future.

Looking for more?

Enjoy performances, videos and online talks with local Latinx artists from your living room with today's partner, MACLA/Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana, at maclaarte.org @macla_sanjose

Text "Picture This" Image graphic of vintage camera

April 8

Connect the Dots

Community connects us through shared histories, experiences, and interests. Share what connects you and tag your connections.

Looking for more ways to get creative?

Join us tonight for the WeCreate408 live kickoff event featuring creative conversation, poetry and art-making workshops, as well as opportunities to learn about all our creative partners. Register at https://hopin.com/events/wecreate-408

Text "Connect the Dots" Image Mural of San Jose

April 7

Sounds of San José

What sounds or song reminds you of San José ? Capture it, sing it, write it, share it.

Looking for more?

Discover a new soundtrack for San José with today's partner, San José Chamber Orchestra. Learn more at sjco.org @sanjosechamberorchestra

Test "Sounds of San Jose" Image two people playing guitar

April 6

Cultural Creation

What cultural tradition do you love sharing with others? Express it in whatever way you wish.

Looking for more?

Create new traditions with today's partner, School of Arts and Culture at Mexican Heritage Plaza. Check out online offerings, from music classes to professional development at schoolofartsandculture.org @schoolatmhp 

Text "Cultural Creation" Image people salsa dancing

April 5

Mural Monday

Take a picture of your favorite mural in San José or propose your own.

Looking for more?

Check out the latest San José murals by local and international artists produced by today's partner, POW! WOW! San José, at powwowsanjose.com @powwowsanjose

Text "Mural Monday" Image artist working on mural

April 4

San José Abstract

Share your unique perspective. Post an image of your favorite San José landmark or icon from a different angle.

Looking for more ways to get creative?

Get the inside perspective on Silicon Valley's creativity community with today's partner, Content Magazine. Check out the latest issue online at content-magazine.com @contentmag

Text "San Jose Abstract" Image of person taking photos with their phone

April 3

Hidden Talent

Do you have a secret creative superpower? Share a talent or hobby that you unleashed in the past year.

Looking for more ways to get creative?

Today's partner, Vivace Youth Chorus of San José, invites young people ages 4 to 18 to discover their musical talents. Visit vivaceyouthchorus.org to learn more. @vivaceyouthchorus

Text "Hidden Talent" Image children singing

April 2

Big Dreams

Let's make it happen! It all starts with a dream. Show us what your dreams look like.

Looking for more ways to get creative?

Check out creativity around town. Today's partner, the School of Visual Philosophy, invites you to visit the "Safely Social" exhibition in their storefront windows and to check out their online classes at schoolofvisualphilosophy.com @schoolofvp  

Text "Big Dreams" Image graphic of rainbow

April 1 

Try It Out

The best way to start is to jump right in! Introduce yourself. Wave hello in whatever way you choose--a drawing, video, song, poem, or dance. Tag your friends an invite them to join you in the #WeCreate408 challenge.

Looking for more ways to get creative?

Join today's prompt partner, the San José Museum of Art, on April 10 for "Art 101: Writers Workshop" to explore poetry and the physical form. Learn more at sjmusart.org/calendar @sanjosemuseumofart

Text "Try It Out" Image person adding to sculpture


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